L7 - Colonial Government - Lessons on American Government
L7 - Colonial Government - Lessons on American Government

To understand how English traditions of politics, law, and government influenced the development of democracy in America.

1 class period

L7 - Colonial Government - Lessons on American Government
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This lesson includes four fun contests. A time limit can be set for each.

Contest 1 -- The English Political Heritage
Class members work to complete 18 sentences by filling in missing words, names, and terms. One or more letters in each answer is given as a clue. 

Contest 2 -- Colonial Government
Students learn about colonial government by using information on two charts which diagram how colonial governors and colonial legislatures were chosen. The charts are followed by a series of completion questions.

Contest 3 -- Crime and Punishment in the Thirteen Colonies
The class begins by reading about how different punishments were in colonial times as compared with today. The kids are then presented with 10 crimes that were sometimes committed during the 1600s and 1700s in the Thirteen Colonies. For each crime that students think resulted in the offender being put to death by hanging, they will fill in the space with an "H." For lesser crimes they believe brought fines, whipping, or shaming, they write "FWS" in the space. 

In Contest 4, after reading about Democracy in the Thirteen Colonies, class members read through a series of statements and must decide which ones give a democratic feature "D" and which ones an undemocratic feature "U" of colonial life. 

Easy-to-follow Teacher Instructions and answer key included, along with a 20-question follow up quiz to measure student progress. The quiz can also be given as a homework assignment.