L4 - Democracy - Lessons on American Government
L4 - Democracy - Lessons on American Government

To become familiar with the various characteristics of democratic government.

1 class period

L4 - Democracy - Lessons on American Government
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In this lesson, students are challenged to complete a series of 45 sentences by rearranging scrambled letters to form missing key words, names, and terms.

Create a fun contest between individual class members or pairs (some students may prefer to work alone, others with a partner) to see who can come up with the most correct answers by the end of the period. You can also turn this into a game by dividing the class into two teams that will take turns trying to identify the correct answers as you read through the descriptions with them.

Easy-to-follow Teacher Instructions and answer key included, along with a 20-question follow up quiz to measure student progress. The quiz can also be given as a homework assignment.