L26 - Early Women's Movements - Lessons on American Government
L26 - Early Women's Movements - Lessons on American Government

To trace the development of women's rights movements during the 1800s and early 1900s.

1 class period

L26 - Early Women's Movements - Lessons on American Government
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Expect fun and excitement with this lesson!

Students put the numbers 1 through 9 inside of the nine small corner spaces on the Game 1 form on page 26C. They are instructed to scramble the numbers, not put them in order. 

Play begins when the teacher announces a number between 1 and 9. Class members put this number in the box next to question 1. They then read question 1 about early women's movements and choose which of the two underlined answers is correct. Once an answer is chosen, each student then finds the announced number on their game form and writes the answer in the large space next to it. Play continues in this way until five numbers have been announced and five answers have been filled in on the game form. 

Following Game 1, papers are exchanged and correct answers read. Points are scored as follows: 10 points for each correct answer; 10-point bonus for three correct answers in a row –– either across, down, or diagonally. (Note: It is possible to earn two 10-point bonuses by having three right answers in a row in two different directions.)

Play continues in the same way for Games 2-4. Complete game rules are provided on the lesson pages.

Game 1: Educational Opportunities and Legal Rights
Game 2: Women's Rights Conventions
Game 3: The Right to Vote
Game 4: Decline in Women's Movements

After all four games have been played, give each student a copy of page 26D to do as a quiz or homework assignment.